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The Hôtel des Sources in Creney-près-Troyes

The Hôtel des Sources in Creney-près-Troyes is a greenfield creation, ideally located near the Troyes factory outlet. Its relaxing setting makes it a perfect stopover in Champagne.



Always curious to learn about successful hospitality operations in other parts of the world, the couple were largely inspired to create the Hotel des Sources by a trip to the United States.
The idea was for the design of the buildings to reflect the spirit of freedom and total respect for confidentiality that are essential if guests’ requirements are to be satisfied, and they can truly relax. The maintaining of high standards in terms of quality and services is a fundamental principle.
The reception building with its stone façade is intentionally separate from the other two buildings that are dedicated exclusively to rooms, and are accessible by outside walkways.
This results in much less noise disturbance, compared to a central internal corridor, and also has advantages in terms of security.
The various flows have all been carefully planned, with four rooms for people with reduced mobility located on the ground floor. Note that for visually impaired people, the signage is duplicated in Braille, as are the room numbers.


At Hotel des Sources, you can move around at any time of the day or night without disturbing anyone and or being disturbed. Accessibility has been further enhanced by a credit card terminal (at the corner of the entrance gate) that enables night arrivals.

Security is another key element in this completely enclosed complex, which offers the possibility of parking vehicles - including coaches for groups - in the landscaped, paved area around the hotel, or underground. The latter option is appreciated by those travelling by car, motorcycle, or bike, especially in inclement weather (rain, snow, etc.), or when it is very hot in the summer. Returning to your vehicle without getting wet, or having to wait for it to cool down or warm-up, is a definite plus!


The hotel is affiliated with the French Cheques Vacances group, and accommodation can be paid for using these vouchers. This payment option is particularly popular with families.


Built in 2005 on the outskirts of Troyes, the Hotel des Sources enjoys an exceptional location just a few kilometres from the interchanges on the motorway serving the north and south-east of Troyes (exit no. 22 and no. 23 on the A26 - Calais/Troyes) and the intersection of the A5 and A26 motorways.

Simply take the ring road east of Troyes to reach the hotel, located in the commune of Creney, which is within the greater urban area of Troyes Champagne (Grand Troyes).

Leaving the ring road, you reach a roundabout from which you can immediately see the Hotel des Sources, a generally modern-looking structure, with a traditional façade in exposed stone. The colours are in soft shades of ochre. There is a large air-conditioned lobby where one of three receptionists will be on duty. The reception desk operates continuously from 6:30am to 11pm. There is then a night service to deal with any requests from guests.



Three languages are spoken fluently at the hotel: French, English and German. Various brochures and information are also available in Spanish and Portuguese. The hotel is popular with tourists from neighbouring countries in the North of France: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia... And good course from Britain, passing through on the A26, commonly known as the "The English Motorway". Halfway between the Channel and South of France - not to mention the Alps for those who like winter sports - the Hotel des Sources offers a comfortable stopover, popular with families and groups of friends travelling to and from their holiday destinations.

Numerous holiday makers have made a habit of stopping both ways in Creney-près-Troyes. Breakfast is served every morning (between 6am and 11pm) in this reception building, on the ground floor, with breads, homemade cakes, hot waffles, scrambled eggs and a variety of cheeses, with products made from full-fat milk that comes directly from Champs-sur-Barse. Breakfast is offered at the attractive price of 8.50 euros. The room has 80 seats, so there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy whatever they choose. There's nothing like a good breakfast to set you up for the day.

It is in this same building, on the upper floor, that the meetings and conference rooms are located, that are available for companies, associations or any group that wishes to meet for work, or discussion, in a pleasant, attractive environment.

24/24 and 7/7 EASY ACCESS

Even when the gate is closed at night, visitors can still enter and access a room by making their selection and paying directly by credit card at the terminal located at the entrance of the site. This 24/24 access facility offers maximum flexibility.